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Yesterday I completed 30 full days of being vegan. I can honestly say that it has been one of the best decisions of my life! In the past, I had completed the Whole 30 (similar to a paleo diet) and even though I felt good while completing the 30 days it never really lasted long. I had never really analyzed the way that I was eating, I mean I had been eating the foods that I grew up with and those foods had been passed down to parents from my grandparents. Being vegan has allowed me to change my relationship with food. I longer just eat to eat — I eat to fuel my body. I am able to enjoy foods that are delicious and not feel guilty about it once I am done eating (by guilty I don’t necessarily about the animals but more the health side of it).

A couple of days ago I saw a colleague who I hadn’t seen a couple of weeks and he was going on and on about a new “glow” that I had. He kept asking me if I had changed my hair or if I had changed my glasses. I told him that I hadn’t changed my hair and that my glasses were the same. I then went on to tell him “maybe it’s my Vegan Glow”. He said that he couldn’t pinpoint it but that I seemed different in a good way.

There many things that may have influenced this new “glow” that others have been noticing — a new positive relationship with myself, confidence, positive outlook on life, and some transitions/changes that have been experiencing. I can honestly say that being vegan has had the biggest influence on me. I am beyond excited to continue my vegan journey and to continue to grow and learn more about myself.

So tell me what makes you glow?



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How often would you say that you practice gratitude? For some, they will say that they are grateful for many things in their life but are they truly practicing gratitude? Gratitude is an action that can be practiced in various forms such as gratitude journals, meditation/prayers, art, and something as simple as stopping and saying out loud, “I am grateful for XYZ”.

 Showing gratitude can bring joy into your life and that might be scary for some. The fear comes from us being put in a vulnerable spot and with the potential of losing the things that we are most grateful for; we believe that we are shielding ourselves from that fear of loss…but is not being grateful really going to make it hurt less? What if we took that gratitude and transformed it into intense feelings of love and joy? Unfortunately and fortunately joy isn’t consent—just like sadness it comes and goes. So why not fully feel joy and gratitude even if it’s just for a short period of time?

What are you grateful for today and how do you plan on practicing gratitude?


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 12.36.17 PMIn the past couple of months, I have been going through a lot of changes. A lot of people may be afraid of change but I have learned to embrace it. Change is the only constant in our life so you can either resist it or embrace it and move forward. Some of the changes that I have been going through are out of my control and others not so much but one thing is for sure they are all positive.

One of the biggest changes that I have made is becoming vegan. Like a lot of people, this came after watching “What the Health” on Netflix. In the past, I had tried being vegetarian or even pescatarian but was never successful. This was because I was just doing it to do it – I had no meaning or connection to fully changing my lifestyle. I cannot pinpoint what about “What the Health” caught my attention because there are so many layers. One thing is for sure though – I plan on staying vegan. In no way do I judge/criticize those who decide to eat animal products. Your body, your choice. You will never hear me say, “you shouldn’t have that or start blabbing on about veganism (unless you ask)”.

Becoming vegan hasn’t been as difficult as I anticipated if anything it has been harder on my parents and other close friends. Coming from a Latinx family there is a lot of pride and community around food. So when you throw a wrench in that it can get crazy. My parents have been slowly warming up to the idea and I believe this is because my younger brother has decided to become vegan as well. I have been trying to balance how much I share with my younger sister too because when I first become vegan it threw her off and she wasn’t eating as much. After a serious conversation about her eating habits she understood that even though she is 11 years old, she has agency over what she puts in her body. I told her that just because I was vegan didn’t mean that she had to become vegan.

For future post expect the following topics: Vegan recipes, adventures, self-help, positivity, culture, counseling, and feminism.